Valuation Research Group Argentina
Valuation Research GroupArgentina

Valuation Research Group (VRG) provides quality valuations and value-related services for the international community serving clients in more than 60 countries. Multinational engagements are managed locally by a single point of contact and executed by professionals located in respective countries. Collaboration between affiliates is intense.


R. Biasca & Asociados is a small and prestigious Argentine consulting firm that built its initial reputation with its work in the business transformation field. It has been in the VRG since the very beginning (1995). There is no single country in Continental Latin America in which the firm has not worked. The main competitive advantages are: experience with international best practices, knowledge of Latin American culture, international contacts and a 41-year history of delivering value to clients.


Fusiones y Adquisiciones de Empresas

Alianzas Estratégicas con Empresas de Otros Países.

Financiamiento Internacional de Proyectos.

Reestructuración Financiera.

Tasación de Activos Tangibles.

Valuación de Activos Intangibles.

Propiedad Intelectual.


Precios de transferencia.

Valuaciones para Conflictos Legales



Mergers & Acquisitions

Strategic Alliances with Foreign Companies.

International Project Financing.

Restructuring Services

Fixed Asset/Real Estate Appraisals

Intangible Asset Valuations

Intellectual Property

Solvency Opinions. Fairness Opinions.

Trnsfer Pricing.

Purchase Price Allocations.

Valuations for Legal Conflicts

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