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The Value of the Valuation Research Group

This VRG global network provides the following:

  • Local market knowledge
  • In-country tax expertiseæ
  • Cost-effective fixed asset valuations
  • Local financial and regulatory reporting experience

The experience includes foreign and multinational acquisitions of all sizes in nearly every industry. The larger acquisitions have generally encompassed multiple legal entities. Typical engagements in support of acquisitions include the following:

  • The $6 billion acquisition of Rothmans, the second largest tobacco company in Canada
  • The $2 billion acquisition of the largest juice company in Russia by a U.S. multinational
  • The $7.8 billion acquisition of the Groupe Danone biscuit business by Kraft Foods

The valuation of the Panama Canal for the Panama Canal Authority was in support of the $5.25 billion expansion of the canal. Our work included determination of the enterprise value of the canal, and also an appraisal of the fixed assets. With new lock gates up to 180 ft. wide, compared to previous limitations of 110 ft. wide, the project will double the capacity of the canal.


VRG-Argentina Services

Services involve consulting projects, counseling, temporary project leadership, and international business. Subjects can be classified in different groups.


International Business
Business contacts between organizations in the world, to provide help with:.

  • Mergers and Acquisitions.
  • Strategic Alliances
  • Project Financing

Valuation Consulting (A detailed list is in the next page)

  • Valuations for Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Restructuring Services
  • Fixed Asset/Real Estate Valuations
  • Intangible Asset Valuations
  • Intellectual Property
  • Valuations for Legal Conflicts

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  • Fusiones y Adquisiciones de Empresas
  • Alianzas Estratégicas con Empresas de Otros Países.
  • Financiamiento Internacional de Proyectos.
  • Reestructuración Financiera.
  • Tasación de Activos Tangibles.
  • Valuación de Activos Intangibles.
  • Propiedad Intelectual.
  • Opiniones
  • Precios de transferencia.
  • Valuaciones para Conflictos Legales
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