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Given the increasing global focus on Environmental Social Governance (ESG) by corporates and financial sponsors, VRG-Argentina introduces ESG Advisory Services (EAS) that encompass ESG diligence, reporting, and monitoring services for clients – including corporates, banks, and financial sponsors.


VRG-Argentina provides a comprehensive offering that includes:

(a) focus on environmental sustainability (carbon emissions capture, footprint, and energy efficiency),

(b) improving social inclusion  (with financial inclusion, gender parity, focus on the base of the pyramid and low-income provinces and frontier regions), and

(c)  increasing governance (balance of stakeholder requirements, board role, various committees, and separation of shareholder & management) for its clients).

On the one hand, VRG’s EAS can help its acquisitive clients identify targets that meet a certain ESG threshold through its ESG solution. In contrast, on the other, it helps corporates and financial sponsors instill the ESG framework and assist them with measurement and monitoring of ESG parameters through its ESG reporting, measurement, and monitoring solution.   


VRG-Argentina has a professional team of CA, CFA, MBA, Engineers, Architects, and Lawyers that understand the ESG aspects of the business and draw upon experts in ESG and industry sectors during conduct engagement. We can send you a brief overview of VRG’s EAS and look forward to exploring a potential role in this area with your organization. 

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